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Copyright Primer
If you are new to Copyright, you should read this primer written by Michael Grecco

Copyright Alliance

Also see OutreachEP - Photographers mentoring Photographers


Sample Contracts (Members Only)
This section of our Members-Only resources section offers help in understanding and deciphering the terminology in contracts. Features a wide array of sample contracts, some reviewed by working photographers.

A compendium of resources on copyright

Benefits to registration in brief

In order for you to get the full protection of copyright law, you must register your images with the US Copyright Office at the Library of Congress. This is not as hard as you might think. If you have a copyright infringement case and your images are registered, you are entitled to sue for attorneys fees as well as punitive damages, not simply compensation for the usage. While it is easier to register unpublished images in bulk, you can register published images, but they must be sent in separately from the published images. Additionally published works must be registered within 90 days to receive complete protection from copyright registration (ie. for any infringements). If published images are registered after 90 days from the date of first publication, you gain the benefits of registration only for infringements that occur after the date of registration. Please review the EP Copyright Primer for more information.

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Step by Step

Electronic Copyright Office: A guide for completing your electronic copyright registration

Peter Krogh presentation on Copyright - procedures

How to register images using a digital camera by Seth Resnick

How to register images using a standard camera and print film by Michael Grecco

Copyright office passes regulation to permit group registration of published images

FORM for group registration of published images

ASMP Copyright Application Tutorial


US Copyright Office
EP Copyright Primer
PDN Guide to Copyright
EP List of Copyright Lawyers


Form VA for the Visual Arts- pdf form
FORM for group registration of published images
Complete Copyright forms site at US Copyright Office

Additional Research

Image Rights discussion of several well-known photo copyright cases, with links to further resources.

Copyright Basics
Copyright Contracts for Visual Artists - a primer
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A History of Copyright in the US
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